Few twitter folks noticed that Google is using One line Sitelinks as a clickable text in Search Snippet. These new One line Sitelinks are supporting links within the same page that anchor the searcher down to a portion of the page using Hash(#). They add “Jump to” words before clickable text link.

For example, a search for [conference website seo] in Google returns a Partnered Training Workshops result at the top. The result has the new One line Sitelinks within search snippet which leads you to #bruce-clay portion of that page.

Clickable text in Search Snippet

Another Example :

Google Using Clickable One line Sitelinks in Search Snippet

Words from Author:

Google tend to show One line Sitelinks since last couple of months, but the anchors feature within Search Snippet seems to be new from a Google Search Result Snippet.

Thanks to @SeoSeb and @jamielow for twitt