Heatmaps imagine the rivulet of visitors on your website – click wise performance of hot and cold click zones. A visual heatmap of wherever visitors click on web page is not just a stunning way of looking at your traffic and their activities, but it gives an analysis of your site that you just cannot get any other way. With one easy glance, you can instantly form impressions of what you’ve done correctly, and what you’ve done incorrect placement of content, images, banner etc.

Reasons to use Heatmaps:

  • Optimize link & advert position.
  • Decrease shopping cart abandonment.
  • Maximize conversions of online forms.
  • Predict how visitors will use your site in the future.
  • Simplify web usability testing.

It will improve web usability, conversions and revenue. In this post I have listed 3 solutions that may supply your heatmap analytics needs, with each one having its own unique uses. You will learn how to use these services or tools (with their demo video), why you should use them.


CrazyEgg offers you a quick and easy way to test design elements, find the most popular parts of a web page, where links work best, and which areas visitors are avoiding. One of a number of applications that use heatmap technology to communicate to developers where they are hitting the mark and where they need to tweak.


  • Testing - Create tests to figure out what people are doing on your website.
  • Heatmap - A picture of where people clicked on your site.
  • Live Reporting – Live reporting updates your reports instantly.
  • Report sharing – Create users and give them customized read-only reports.
  • Overlay - Learn more about each element on your page.
  • Instant Notifications – RSS and Email notifications.


ClickTale provides a multi-colored overlay for your website that shows where visitors look, which parts of the page they focus on and how far they scroll. The results might enable you to rearrange your content, and put ads in places where they’re more likely to be clicked and viewed.


  • Recording - Recording visitors’ every action as they browse your website.
  • Movie – Watch movies of their browsing sessions in Real-Time.
  • Minimize Rejection – Minimize shopping cart abandonment – Analyze your online forms’
  • Performance Funnel – conversion funnel to understand where your visitors fall out.
  • Easy to setup – You can set up ClickTale in just a few minutes.
  • Link Analytics – Understand all visitor interactions with your links, fields and buttons.

Robot Replay
Robot Replay is an online service that records and plays back visitor sessions for nearly any website, corporate site or blog. What RobotReplay does is it records the mouse movements, clicks, and key presses and allows you to play them back.

The recorded sessions show how visitors interact with a website—every mouse movement and click, keystroke, where users click, how far down the page they scroll and how long they stay on a site.


  • Realtime – RobotReplay lets you watch your website visitors in action
  • Recording – View recorded sessions of every mouse movement, click and keystroke
  • Mouse Gestures – Replay the actual mouse movements of your visitors.
  • Form Replay – Actually watch users fill out forms.
  • Ajax – Use of Ajax to play back visitor actions on the live site
  • Compatibility - Designed to work alongside your other tracking methods.

Words from Author:

I hope to have helped you to learn heatmap and that your can improve your site or revenue. You may also try Google Analytics site overlay as a basic candidate into this heatmap tools category.